The project goal was to create a ONE+ powered pool vacuum for residential and small-scale commercial applications.
A rough sketch was laid out according to internal components, serving as a reference for CAD development. 
The main compartment was designed in sections for cost-savings. This way, each watertight junction could be tested independently and if alternate iterations were necessary, only those parts would be printed. The two components of the main compartment were epoxied together while the two end-caps were sealed with an o-ring and lubricant.
To minimize potential for user error, the upper cap is only intended to be opened for maintenance or to replace an expired battery. For this purpose, a wall-mounted induction charging system was developed to eliminate exposed contacts. The motor is also triggered by 

My role was concept development, functional prototyping, and testing. Shown above is the final product as designed by Raquel Rabago and released to market in 2018,

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