My name is Parke Pleasants. I'm a Product Designer, blurring the line between Engineering and Industrial Design to bring innovative ideas to fruition. When I'm not at work, I'm exploring personal design concepts, road-tripping, camping, mountain/gravel biking, hiking, woodworking, wrenching on old trucks and motorcycles, and remodeling my 1942 home. My hands are my most used tools, whether sketching or executing design. I make stuff. I’ve spent hours trying to perfect the art of caulk application. These are some things that define me as a person and designer.
I graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in Industrial Design and a minor in Green Engineering in 2013. In the years since, I've worked as an engineer and designer of hardgoods and softgoods for major brands in the power tools and outdoors industries. I've helped my employers to expand and excel in new categories, often challenging (and sometimes beating) long-standing leaders in their respective markets. I strive to use hands-on creative thinking to solve problems and improve product experiences that offer functionality, quality, and longevity - I hold over 15 US and foreign patents as a testament to this effort. I'm currently exploring the convergence of my passions for the outdoors and product design with Thule in Longmont, Colorado.

Camping in the Sierras with Rambo. Summer 2017.

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