About Me

My name is Parke Pleasants. I'm a Concept Designer, blurring the lines between Engineering and Industrial Design to bring innovative ideas to fruition. When I'm not at work, I'm exploring personal design concepts, traveling/camping, spending time with my family and dog, woodworking, wrenching on old trucks and motorcycles, and drinking whiskey and/or beer. I strive to solve problems with a creative process and a strong foundation in engineering principles. My philosophy on life and work are parallel: to experience as much as possible and retain ideas/memories for the times when they matter the most. 
I graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in Industrial Design and a minor in Green Engineering in 2013. In the 3.5 years since, I've played critical roles in expanding the reach of TTI, my current employer, into several new departments at Home Depot, their primary customer. I developed the first two plumbing products offered by TTI, one of which is their highest-selling product by volume. The other is an entirely new product in a stagnant market and has received 5-star reviews since its release two years ago. I developed the hardware and physical interface for the Ryobi Garage Door Opener (GDO) and accessory system, which is now a market-leader in GDOs, beating out long-standing leaders including Chamberlain, Genie, and Craftsman. I hold numerous patents and continue to serve a pivotal role in the development of new concepts, many more of which I hope to share when they are publicly released. 

My favorite spot on Muckross Lake while hammock camping through Ireland in 2016.

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